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Oko Dj - © Oddity Radio

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Oko Dj
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Some insight on the mix you recorded ?


A set recorded for La Fête de la Musique event of Oddity Radio, without knowing in advance that it was going to be recorded and published afterwards, which I have liked! This allowed me to play without having the “post live” experience in mind, so it’s really honest and raw. The energy was super nice and I have reconnected with a lot of parisian friends at this party !

Musically it’s a compilation of my summer favourites, including a bunch of very different genres as always : post punk, sexy house, industrial, amapiano, you name it !

Big thanks oddity for having me, it was a pleasure <3

Oddity Influence Mix
Oko Dj
12 Tracks
3 teens kill 4 - 5/4
Gabor Csupo - Terrestrial Shiva (Edit)
Pyrolator - Hirnriss
Jimmy Bazzouka - Don't Hammer
Katerina Gogou - Μοναξιά
Rythmus - Pastor Maybe (12" Remix)
Angela Werner - I Gotta Little Love
Oཞɠąŋıƈ ƈąɬɧɛɖཞąƖ ơʄ ɖɛąɬɧ - Unreleased
GemValleyMusicQ - Dlala Rekere feat. (Dj Fonzi)
Johannes Schmoelling - Matjora is Still Alive
The Grid - Intergalactica
Risqué III - Essence Of A Dream
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