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Shoko Igarashi - © Oddity Radio
Shoko Igarashi - © Oddity Radio

Shoko Igarashi

Shoko Igarashi
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Some insight on the mix you recorded?


I focus on mixing my favorites from now and the past. I sandwiched those songs I was listening to when I was watching TV and Anime almost 20 or 25 years ago with really dope beats electro house style that I’m recently keen on listening to.

Shoko Igarashi - Oddity Influence Mix
Shoko Igarashi
20 Tracks
Samiyam - Rounded
Vor Und Züruck - Shackleton
空中泥棒 (Mid-Air Thief) - 曲線と透過性(Curve and Light)
Brin - Soft Gaiden
Casimir Liberski - This is random
Kaoru Akimoto - Dress Down
Cécilia - Chocolat
Joe Hisaishi - Birth
Vyacheslav Preobrazhensky - Lullaby Of A Sea
Kirinji - 雨は毛布のように (Ame wa Mouhu no Youni)
Kobeta Piano - Meku
Aphex Twin - 006-AFX-T23 441
Miho Morikawa - POSITIVE
Professor Ojo - Mango Special
Buckethead - I Love My Parents
Strangeloop - Plants Inside
Professor Ojo - Shed some
Entrance - Yoshio Ojima
Mari Iijima - Tenshi no enogu
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