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Sophie Pschorr - © Oddity Radio
Sophie Pschorr - © Oddity Radio

Sophie Pschorr

Sophie Pschorr
Label artist
Sophie Pschorr - Oddity Infuence Mix
Sophie Pschorr
16 Tracks
Billow Observatory - Nulstill
Sea Urchin - Yohoforo Felmaya
Andy Rantzen - Green Man
Apiento - Things you do for love
Röyksopp - Eple
Eleventeen Eston - 2 Dor
Morenas - Cuando Brilla la Luna
Sun Electric - Sonification
The Pilotwings - Congo Libre
Bergonist - L'Algorithme
Mix Mup - 1E
DiSKOP - Bird's - Eye
Ferdinand Domes - mp1c1h
Off The Meds - Karlaplan
Face Culler - Suburban Withcraft
The Black Dog - Seer & Sages

Some insight on the mix you recorded?


Woken up by rays of sunshine, followed by a day at the lake and then the trip back to the city over country roads by low sun.

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